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Welcome to the Biblical Studies Center's home page.  The Biblical Studies Center is a ministry of the Church of Christ at Fishinger and Kenny Roads, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.  This site is devoted to enhancing your understanding of God's word by promoting Bible study.  To this end we are publishing short essays and pointing to other useful resources.  Additionally we invite you to begin a dialogue with our members, in person or via e-mail.
What's New

One Jesus' strange healing technique may not be so unorthodox as it first appears in From The Dust, Again.
One A classic Bible difficulty is explored in Jephthah: Artificial Excuse For Unbelief, addressing the rash vow made by Jephthah in the book of Judges.
One Infant Baptism Under the Light of Biblical Faith , explores the relationship of Biblical faith to salvation, and where this leaves "infant baptism".
One In The Nature of Deity: God the Creator , Greg Tidwell shows how distinct God is when compared with pagan deities.
OneIn Grounded in Reason: The Christian Faith , David Mayes provides us an introduction to I John.  It helps explain why there are so many confident and happy Christians. 

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