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    April 26, 1998

    Christian Joy

    "Rejoice in the Lord always," the Apostle commands, "again I say rejoice."  But sometimes, it's hard to rejoice.

    Life can be hard.  Troubles mount.  People disappoint.  We fail ourselves.

    Blind idealism tragically pendulums into blind cynicism.  No person, however talented, will always succeed.  No life, however blessed, is free from trouble.  No friend or loved one, however well intentioned, will never fail.

    Looking for perfection in any aspect of human existence is an empty quest.  People are not perfect and, this side of heaven, are not perfectible.

    What's a Christian to do?

    In this life neither we nor our circumstance measure up to an idealistic standard, but that's all right.  God knows our frailties and our limitations.  He is gracious.  God is greater than our problems.

    Trying to be right on our own terms is futility.  Real joy comes from being right with God on His terms.  When we fail, He succeeds.  When people disappoint, He fulfills.  In hardship, He is our strength; in trouble, our security.

    Through Jesus Christ, God has provided all we need for life and godliness.  Our salvation in Him sees us through the trials of this life and leads us to the eternal joy of the life to come.

        -- Greg Tidwell, Minister

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