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Biblical Studies Journal Volume 3, Number 5

October 19, 1999

Love Above All

Love is not only one of the Christian virtues.  Love is the central principle of our religion.

Salvation is grounded on God loving the world so much that He was willing to send His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the atonement for our sins.

We are forgiven because of God's love for us. This truth, repeatedly emphasized in Scripture, is the ultimate assurance of our salvation.

God is love. To be godly is to think and act with His love guiding and directing every motive and desire. The law of God subsists in two commandments: Love God; Love each other.

All of us are mortal and prone to sin. We fail to do all the things we know we should, and we continually do things we know we should not. Beyond our sins, which are many, our humanity limits our understanding and leads us into honest, but hurtful, mistakes.

Continually we rely on God's love to bring forgiveness for our sins and failures, and He has promised, in love, to forgive.

In the same way His love should lead us to forgive those around us and to cover their shortcomings. There is enough wrong with each of us that we should each seek grace for all of us.

        - Greg Tidwell

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