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  • Biblical Studies Journal Volume 2, Number 5

    June 14, 1998

    A Hundred Years From Now

    (A Carrell's Corner Article)

        Visualize, if you will, the year of 2098.  You and I will not be living then, but we may have some great great great grandchildren living at that time.  They will likely not have heard of us, and if our names are written down somewhere, they will just be footnotes in someone's family tree.  The houses we live in today will long since have been bulldozed to make way for something else.  The yards we looked after, the trees and flowers we carefully planted, will have ceased to exist.  The cars we drive will, for the most part, have been given over to a junk yard somewhere.  Some few of those cars may be in a museum, along with some of the other antiques which characterized life in that quaint day in the 20th century.

        Looking back from that vantage point, we ask ourselves about some of those importantthings which demanded our time back then.  We didn't have time for Bible study on Wednesday nights because that was our bowling night. We didn't attend worship services several times, because, as we tried to make ourselves believe, we just didn't feel up to it -- not really sick; that is not the kind of sickness that would keep us away from work the next day.  I suppose, if we could make ourselves admit it, we just weren't all that interested in going to worship.

         Oh, the choices we made back then!  Doesn't a hundred years place a totally different perspective upon values?  And doesn't a hundred years give us a better concept as to what things really should come first in life?  What does it really matter who won a ball game, or whether my yard took first place in the landscape sweepstakes?  It may well be true that such things add flavor to life, but God help us if they become the focus and center of our lives!

        Our Lord knew what He was talking about when He said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness."  What have we gained if the world is ours in 1998, but we're forgotten about a hundred years from now?

     -- Gene M. Carrell

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