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Biblical Studies Journal Volume 3, Number 6

October 26, 1999

National Morality

(A Carrell's Corner Article)

Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint. (Proverbs 25:19)

Circumstances periodically refocus our nation's attention on the President's choice of a cabinet member nominee and whether his moral behavior is appropriate for a one entrusted with such high office.   It is impossible to know whether the critics of such nominees are motivated by political considerations or by real moral concern; but it would be our prayer that the latter is the case.

The inevitable question always seems to be: "Does his sense of morality have anything to do with his fitness for office?"   In the opinion of this writer, it has everything to do with his fitness for office!  Morality is not a private, do-your-own-thing kind of mentality.  Morality has to do with one's basic sense of integrity, his sense of rightness and wrongness,  fairness and unfairness.

Morality speaks volumes as to whether or not a man can be trusted, whether he is a man of his word. What kind of reasoning enables us to believe that a man can disregard a vow made before God to remain with a companion for life, but that he can be trusted to fulfill vows made before men with regard to the affairs of our government? Why bother to hold one's hand on a copy of God's word and vow to be faithful to a trust, if one has already demonstrated a total lack of respect for previous vows made before God in other matters?

This President's nominees were not the first, nor will they likely be the last, to exhibit before the world a playboy profile.  Our history has given us presidents, senators, and other  political leaders who have demonstrated a total lack of ethical integrity, and we can only hope that we are witnessing a trend toward better things among those who would govern our nation. Our government cannot long survive the kind of leadership which soaks itself in alcohol, indulges itself in greed, and amuses itself with forbidden social behavior.   If we cannot muster the courage to outlaw things that degrade us, let us at least demand leaders who do not participate in them.

    -- Gene M. Carrell
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